Vegan MoFo #11: Ginger Pear Energy Bars

(see English version below)

Vegan MoFo

Essen #11:
Gester habe ich die „Ginger Pear Energy Bars“ von Brendan Brazier (“Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life”) vorbereitet und ins Gefrierfach gapackt, wie im Buch empfohlen.
Zufälligerweise ist im neuen VEBU-Magazin („Natürlich Vegetarisch“) ein Spezial über vegane Sporternährung drin. Lustigerweise auch mit Rezepten von Brendan Brazier und Matt Frazier. Beide Bücher besitze ich nur als E-Books (grau/schwarz), und ich hab mich gefragt, ob in den „echten“ Büchern auch diese hübschen und bunten Bilder drin sind, die auch im Heft abgedruckt sind. Besitzt jemand von Euch, meine lieben Leser, diese Bücher? Wie sieht’s da mit Bilder aus? Ich würde mich hierzu über Deinen Kommentar unten freuen. Ich liebe einfach Kochbücher mit schönen Bildern, bin da wohl eher visuell veranlagt…

Pear Ginger Energy BarsExercise #8:
60 Minuten Fitness Boxen.

Food #11:
Yesterday I prepared the „Ginger Pear Energy Bars“ by Brendan Brazier (“Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life”). I have put them in the freezer, as recommended.
Coincidentally the German Vegetarian Association (VEBU) featured a special on vegan sports nutrition in their current magazine. Funnily enough there are also recipes by Brendan Brazier and Matt Frazier in there. Both books I own as (black and grey) ebooks, and I started wondering if the „real“ books contained those pretty and colorful pictures, that were printed in the magazine. So, does anyone of you readers own those books? What about the pictures? I’d appreciate you leaving a comment below. I just love cookbooks with pictures. Must be a visual person.

Exercise #8:
60 minutes of fitness boxing.


5 Gedanken zu „Vegan MoFo #11: Ginger Pear Energy Bars

  1. I have Thrive and I don’t remember there being any pictures, but I haven’t looked at it in a while. I’ve bookmarked your blog and if I find out differently, I’ll come back and let you know. I also tried these bars and they were a failure. Now I wonder what I did wrong because yours look fantastic.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I was actually a little bit worried about those bars, because my cheap little food processor did make strange noises at first. But with a little patience and turning on and off and scraping the „dough“ down at the sides, they turned out nice.

  2. My pleasure 🙂

    Good to know. Mine were too wet and ended up needing way too much protein powder. But, now I’ll try them again.
    How do you like the „No Meat Athlete“ book? Thinking about it, but haven’t taken the plunge to buy it yet.

    1. You should give them another try. I like the combination of pear and ginger. I didn’t soak the dates, by the way.
      Well, I don’t know if the e-book I own (I’ve bought it through his website ( and it’s called „Half Marathon Roadmap“ 2011) is identical with the NMA-book that is available now. His recipes are more like a regular vegan diet, with pasta, currys, burgers. I’ve only tried 3 of them so far, so it’s hard to judge. I think I’ll write a summary by the end of the month and let you know. 🙂

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